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Gettman, Hilary J. (2007), "When the Customer Shouldn't Be King: Antecedents and Consequences of Sexual Harassment by Clients and Customers", Journal of Applied Psychology, 92, 757-770.



  • The ability to punish or reward. Where a client has power over a women when he has control over business that is important to her or her employer.


  • . If you lost the client’s business or were moved off the project/case/etc., would your career suffer?
  • How important was the client to your company financially?
  • Did that client have the power to take his business away from your company?
  • Did the client have the power to take his business from you and have it assigned to a different employee within your company?
  • Approximately what percent of your personal business portfolio/sales/billable hours were reliant on this client?