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Source (1905):

Bowling, Nathan A. (2005), "Adaptation-Level Theory, Opponent Process Theory, and Dispositions: An Integrated Approach to the Stability of Job Satisfaction", Journal of Applied Psychology, 90, 1044-1053.



  • In this organization, there is a lot of self-serving behavior going on.
  • In this organization, people do what’s best for them, not what’s best for the organization.
  • In this organization, people are working ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure they get their piece of the pie.
  • In this organization, people spend too much time sucking up to those who can help them.
  • In this organization, many people try to maneuver their way into the ‘in group.’
  • In this organization, individuals are stabbing each other in the back to look good in front of others.


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